Frequently Asked Questions

What is a columbarium?

A columbarium is a vault or building that contains cremated remains. Typically, a columbarium is lined with recesses called niches which are compartments into which urns filled with cremains are placed.

What is an urn?

Urns are the decorative vessel that contains individual cremains. They come in many different configurations, some prefer the traditional vase shape and others an ornamental box, but either is acceptable and is planned for ahead of time, or is chosen by the family or loved ones. The choice of urn is a thoughtful last expression of love and remembrance.

What is a niche front?

A niche front can be thought of as the cover stone or cap that is placed in front of the niche opening. It has traditionally been granite or marble and is usually inscribed with names and dates, however the niche front can also be made of clear or decorative art glass.

What are the advantages of columbaria?

Compared to the scattering of cremains, a columbarium provides a place for family and friends to visit and honor the memory of their loved ones. It is also usually a place where the outside weather does not hinder people from coming and making that visit. In addition, cremation and interment is usually less expensive when compared to traditional burial costs. For some this is an important consideration, but one which will reserve a place of permanent memorial through placement in columbaria.

Why not just scatter cremation remains?

While it may seem like the right decision at the time, you may have regrets later. One family member may want to scatter the ashes, another may want a physical location where they can feel close to the one who has passed away.

Still have questions?

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